Beef Cut Posters & Charts

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Beef Cut Posters and Charts
Project Description

Range was hired to create tools in the form of posters and category charts to educate back of the house, retail, and food service employees and consumers about the variety of fresh beef cuts sold in stores and restaurants today.

The Beef Made Easy poster helps retail staff and consumers understand the fresh beef cuts in the meat case, which cuts are lean and the most common cooking method for each cut.

The Beef Cuts for Food Service poster helps operators, restaurateurs and distributers understand cut identification, attributes and use.

Project Details

Range handled all aspects including project management, art direction, meat cutting and styling, photography, graphic design, and pre-and post-production.

We created the following posters and category charts seen in grocery stores and restaurants all over the country.

  • Beef Cuts poster
  • Beef Made Easy poster
  • Beef Cuts for Food Service poster
  • Beef Cuts for Grilling chart
  • Popular Beef Steaks chart
  • Popular Beef Roasts chart
  • Lean Beef Cuts chart