Estonia International Study Tour

Liivimaa Lihaveis

Estonian Work Study Group
Project Description

Fourteen farmers, chefs and butchers from the country of Estonia traveled to the United States on a three day work study tour to train with Range Certified Master Butcher, Kari Underly.

The Estonians have a very rich and interesting history. Prior to 1940, before they were occupied by the Soviet Union, beef was a traditional food for Estonians. During the Soviet occupation, they could no longer produce and develop their breeds. Since 1990, the beef herds in Estonia have increased 100 times. The problem is that they have lost a generation of people who know how to eat, market and sell beef. This group has traveled the world to learn about beef; this includes Argentina, Brazil and the UK.

Their research led them to Range. They have been using Kari’s book, The Art of Beef Cutting as their primary guide in developing their cutting schemes. Kari and her Range team developed a special workshop to meet their needs.

Project Details

Class room:

  • Beef side carcass and whole hog breakdown and evaluation
  • Hands-on breakdown exercises
  • Knife and steeling exercises
  • Each student fabricated a chuck roll and cut them into individual steaks and ribs
  • Ground beef patties preparation

Sensory Evaluation:

  • Cut sampling
  • Cut evaluation
  • Cut evaluation with wine paring
  • Use of cuts on menus
  • Introduction to smoke and grilling

Local Farm Tours & Activities:

  • Swift Level Farm
  • Study tour of local processing facility
  • Lamb Farm& Winery
  • Downtown Historic Lewisburg, West Virginia