NC Choices

NC Choices

Women in the Meat Business

“Now I know I can speak up and know what I’m talking about,” Patricia says.
“Back then, I was less likely to say to a group of men, ‘Hey, I have an idea.’ Now I voice my opinion.”

Project Description

The workshop was in response to the emerging role of female professionals within the meat business. Sold out and capped at 27 participants, the retreat was geared toward female farmers, processors and butchers in the niche meat industry. The women spent two days and nights learning from Range Certified Master Butcher, Kari Underly. Workshop participants engaged in the butchery of 2 hogs and 3 quarters of beef, learning about whole muscle cuts, carcass breakdown from live animal to salable meat, and higher value cuts, as well as pricing products, processor/producer communication, engaging in the marketplace, hands-on cooking techniques compliments of Lantern restaurant, animal breed and diet, and more.

Project Details

By the end of the intensive workshop, respondents unanimously reported a higher level of confidence and knowledge in their abilities and skills. The results:

  • ability to market meat to the end consumer
  • increased technical, communication, and business skills
  • an expanded network of other female professionals that will aid in the growth of their business