Raw Meat Photoshoot

Raw Meat Technical and Editorial Photography

Project Description

We specialize in making meat look good on camera. We don’t just see a piece of meat on a foam tray.

We customize your photo shoot from the initial concept phase, through background and prop selection to meat cutting and sculpting to food styling.

Recently we managed a 250 image raw meat photo shoot to be used for an industry wide beef technical library.

We also love managing, styling and shooting cooked meat. Take a look at our project which highlights the beauty and versatility of 3 oz. portions of lean, cooked, thin filets.

We are most proud of Kari’s book, The Art of Beef Cutting. Yes, that’s Range, too.

Project Details

When investing in a photo library or catalogue, one of the main challenges is managing the budget.

  • A keen understanding of the product can affect the length of the photo shoot and dictate the budget
  • We can efficiently manage any size raw or cooked meat photo shoot – from thin cuts to thick cuts
  • Project management including pre- and post-production
  • Performed meat cutting, sculpting and styling
  • Handled food and prop styling
  • Supplied creative services
Kari personally art directs, hand cuts and sculpts meat to your unique product specifications.