Dare we say it? We offer a wide range of butchery services.

  We started in Fulton Market, the heart of Chicago’s historic meatpacking district. Range ®, Inc. has been helping companies in the fresh meat industry since 2002 by developing award-winning merchandising tools and market strategies to promote their products. With over 20 years as a business owner, successful retail marketer, proven educator, author, and journeyman meat cutter, Kari Underly, and her team provide sound, hands-on, research-based consulting and original, creative solutions and services. We love mining for money and specialize in butcher shop development and rehab. 

  1. Initial Observations
  2. Inventory Review
  3. Equipment Review
  4. Workflow and Labor Costs Analysis
  5. Record Keeping Evaluation
  6. Product Forecast Evaluation
  7. Merchandising and Planning Evaluation
  8. Standard Operating Procedures
  9. Competitive Analysis
  10. Review financials and make recommendations
  11. Staff Training
Art of Butchery

Meat Processing Facility Services

  1. Sourcing products to match your target market
  2. Feasibility Study – Grant support
  3. Facility Design/Layout and Reviews
  4. Equipment Recommendations and Placement
  5. Competitive Analysis
  6. Staff Training

Meat Processing Facility Services

  1. On-site Meat Merchandiser Training
  2. On-site Meat Cutter Training
  3. Case Layout and Planograms
  4. Type of meat to choose, heritage breed to commodity
Range Meat Academy Blended apprenticeship


Does your company need help with a unique meat-related business challenge? Range offers personalized technical meat consulting to meet your needs. We help meat professionals increase carcass utilization by expanding cut sheets and consulting on properly selling unique cuts. We help you develop and implement a plan for success.

Are you a farmer or meat direct marketer who raises animals for agriculture? Do you need an expert meat consultant to evaluate your meat quality? We are here to help.


“Kari was a great asset in her role as a judge for the America’s Pig Farmer of the Year contest. She brought a unique perspective that helped foster greater understanding and appreciation of what it takes to bring safe, wholesome, and delicious food from the farm to the plate.”

Mike King formerly from the National Pork Board

"As a student involved in the Horticulture pathway at the Governor's School for Ag, I did not know as much about the beef industry, but after Ms. Underly's demonstration, I learned a lot about the art of cutting meat. I enjoyed how passionate and knowledgeable Ms. Underly was on the subject." 

Blake A. Student 10th grade

“I first worked with Kari Underly in 2014 when I hired her to do in-house training for our staff. Since then, our team has grown to nearly 50. Our Butcher Apprenticeship program includes on-the-floor training and Range Meat Clerk and Meat Cutter coursework. I am thrilled to include Range Meat Academy coursework in our regular training program.”

Jessica Rossa Owner, This Old Farm and TOFI Packing