Designed for the Individual

New to the Trade

With a Range® Meat Cutter certificate, you will be ready to step behind a meat counter to help customers and get the hands-on training you’ll need to become a seasoned pro.

Career Changer

Do you want to work in the meat business? Our training covers meat essentials, merchandising, cooking methods, and flavor profiles and includes step-by-step instructions and videos on cutting meat from whole to individual cuts.

Meat Business

Looking to up your meat game? Our flexible program is an excellent way to achieve career development and growth.

Meat Enthusiast

Become a more informed consumer of meat and save money by cutting and preparing poultry, lamb, pork, and beef for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Employee using blended learning model

This program is for you!

Progress on your own time and pace.

Start on your laptop, review on your handheld device, and finish on your tablet. Earn badges and certificates as you progress through engaging coursework and pass the quizzes. Our online training allows you, as the learner, to gain extensive and valuable knowledge about cutting, merchandising, and selling meat. We cover poultry, lamb, pork, and beef. With certificates in hand, you will be sure to have a hand up in securing a job in the meat business, impressing your current boss and getting that promotion, or be able to save your family money at the meat case by processing it yourself.

Range® Meat Clerk $179

Designed to give you the tools and confidence to provide your customer with a great experience at the meat case.

Range® Meat Cutter $449

With over 10 hours of lively, instructional cutting videos and learning interactions, our curriculum is appealing as well as educational. 

Range® Meat Bundle $549

Our best value! Includes Range Meat Clerk and Range Meat Cutter.

Range Meat Cutter Video Highlights

How to | Spatchcock a Chicken


Responsive design improves user experience

Downloadable cut charts and study aids

Quizzes and knowledge check questions

Office hours with the instructor

Students collect badges and earn certificates

Self-paced learning

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